If there’s one location I’ve returned to more than any other then it’s Papercourt. This is due mainly to my fixation with Owls, and at Papercourt Meadows you can see Barn Owls, Little Owls and, in the winter months, Short Eared Owls. Papercourt Meadows is a large, open area of Grassland owned by the Surrey Wildlife Trust. On first impression it doesn’t appear to offer a great deal, but patience and gained knowledge will reward you with sightings not only of the Owls but also Kestrels, Buzzards, Heron, Little Egret, Stonechat, Whitethroat and Wren to name a few. There’s also a small family of resident Roe Deer, and in mid summer the river along the east side is great for seeing hundreds of Banded Demoiselle. The nearby Gravel Pits is also a great location for viewing Wading Ducks, Heron and my own personal favourite, the Great Crested Grebe.