It’s long been an ambition to have one of my shots appear on Spring / Autumn / Winterwatch. When I got serious about my photography many moons ago I had a number of targets I wanted to achieve. It may’ve taken a few more years than I anticipated, but I’ve slowly been able to tick off a few on my bucket list, but Winterwatch was still on the ‘to do’ list.

Imagine my surprise one evening when I received the following message through flickr:

Hi Craig,

Thank you for submitting your photos to the official Springwatch flickr group!

I am happy to tell you we have selected your photo of sunlight through a pine forest (Ash Ranges) to be used on tonight’s episode of Winterwatch! 

Things can change right up until we go live, so this isn’t a definite guarantee it will be shown. Do keep your eyes peeled though!

I then sat glued to the TV in eager anticipation, and sure enough, half way through the programme, there it was – my name in lights!

Fame at last!

The programme aired on the 28th January, and the image appeared during a small segment presented by Gillian, talking about how woodland and trees can bring about a sense of calm and relaxation. Just chuffed to bits they chose one of my shots to help illustrate their point.

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